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No Difficult Wallets

The ZILLA app has a very easy to use yet robust multicryptocurrency wallet.

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No Fake ETH Addresses

When investing in an ICO, simply input the amount and press 'GET TOKEN'. We automatically have the crypto address on our backend which reduces mistakes and scams.

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No Slack scams

With ZILLA, we will provide a secure chat functionality so that you can communicate directly with teams.

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No Opaque Teams

Easily learn about team members at a glance, and click their social links to do further due diligence. Upvote and downvote team members.

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No Website Spoofing

A popular technique that scammers use, is to copy an ICO website to steal your cryptocurrency. We made ZILLA a mobile app to completely avoid this method of attack used by hackers.

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No tolerance for scams

We have a ZERO tolerance for scams on our platform. We do full KYC on all Teams on ZILLA. If we find any kind of scam we will ban them permanently.

Why You Should Offer Your project on ZILLA

Easily Chat With Investors

Chat directly with potential investors
and grow your community.

Attract Whales

Create buzz on ZILLA to attract sophisticated
investors on our platform.


We collect KYC documentation and manage it for you. Investors just register their KYC/AML info on our platform once and can conveniently send it to ICOs that require it.

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No More Scams

No more worrying about your website or Slack being compromised or your investors being duped. We have a ZERO tolerance for scams on our platform.

When we find them, we will ban them, their spouse, and their children from using ZILLA forever.

Low Fees

If you hold ZLA tokens in your wallet,
you can offer your ICO on ZILLA for as little as 1%.

Attract Global Investors

We Translate and present your ICO to local audiences.

Our Tokens

Zilla Token(zla)

Get more airdrops the more ZLA tokens that you hold.

ICOs on ZILLA will attract investors by sending them airdrops in our ZLA token. You will then be able to use those tokens in any way that you like, such as participate in ICOs or to purchase products on ZILLA.
The more ICOs that you participate in, and the more ZLA token that you have, the more airdrops that you will receive.

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For those of you who hold our ZLA token, we've got a surprise for you.

We are creating another token called the GD token. There will only be 5,000,000 GD tokens ever.

If you hold all of the ZLA tokens that you get during our crowdsale for 3 months, we will send you 2 GD tokens. Once you receive this token in your wallet, the ZILLA app will activate a *VERIFIED badge next to your name. You are free to trade both GD tokens on an exchange, however you must hold at least 1 GD token in order to keep your VERIFIED status. Your VERIFIED badge will 'level up' every 3 months.

*VERIFIED status will allow you to receive the most amount of token airdrops on ZILLA.

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Partners and Media

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About Us

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Our Team

Zilla team leader Abasa Phillips

Abasa Phillips

Team Leader

Zilla Blockchain Developer Tanvir Shahid

Tanvir Shahid

Blockchain Developer

Zilla Blockchain Developer Michael Montague

Michael Montague

Blockchain Developer

Zilla Backend Developer Hendar Rismanto

Hendar Rismanto

Backend Developer

Zilla Backend Developer Kevin Linggajaya

Kevin Linggajaya

Backend Developer

Zilla iOS Developer Richard Lamar II

Richard Lamar II

iOS Developer

Zilla Android Developer Pierrick Greze

Pierrick Greze

Android Developer

UX Designer Hongju Lee

Hongju Lee

UX Designer

Growth Marketer Steven Shin

Steven Shin

Growth Marketer

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We are looking for people like you!

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